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Sunday, May 29, 2011

12.00AM. Go to Sleep!! Ahaaa..

Evening to all.
actually it was nite already. ahaa!!

just finishing my final touch up for my homework (keje FAMA yang x siap hari Jumaat).
hmm, so sleepy rite now.
but forcing myself to update my blog.

After 3 weeks attending my practical at FAMA, it has been quite a busy day for weekdays as well as my weekends.

Working from 8.00AM to 5.00PM (kadang2 5.30PM, rajin en?), have gave me extra experience through out the day.
This is how my parents and family works to find MONEY....
It's easier said than done.
Feeling tired, boring and others feeling that can't be express by words.
This is what we call SACRIFICE (PENGORBANAN).

People said, working is better than studying.
Maybe its true n maybe it doesn't.
Belongs to someone that experience it.
For me, both will be OKEY...
But make sure that, the work we do will transform it into SALARY lar kan. (xkan nak keje amal je setiap masa) HAHA.

Hmm, FAMA or in long terms is Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority.
What a pleasant name... hahaha.
Being placed in Market Information Department with full of statistic and research about vege and fruits in Malaysia.

And in a meantime, this department are doing research on cost and margin for certain commodity in Malaysia. Objective of this research is to find out what factors affecting the fluctuations of market prices. (Interesting)

So, in few more weeks, i will be placed under market research unit.
this unit usually works at site for their research,
so, hopefully i will be given a chance to experience more about it.

To others, whether junior or senior, FAMA can give great jobs and experience to us as Mathematics student. (promote FAMA sebentar). HAHA

till then. Gudnyte.

p/s Banyak merepek. tah ape2. sebab mengantuk. byk ejaan salah, sbb type smbil tutup mata. nyte.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Updates...

Assalamualaikum.. Haloo, Hye...
Its been a long time, i have not updated my blog.
I'm quite busy now. Full of commitment.
Attending my practical courses at FAMA (Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority.
Doing all the proposal for HIMMAT.
n lastly spent my time with family.

My schedule is fulled~!! HAHA

Actually, this update just to tell my followers that i'm still a blogger, haha.

So, after 2 weeks of practical, it was exciting before it started. But as it starts, hmmm.... No comment(sebab baru 2 minggu, ade lagi 6 minggu)

For the first week, hmm, BORING..... Second week, getting better n use to it.
Being a government workers for 2 months, i hope, can give me useful and exciting and interesting experience.

For just 2 weeks, i had discover the habit of government servant. Hahaha.
Punch card at 8 - Breakfast until 9.30 - Works till 11 - Newspaper - Do their works - Lunch at 12.30 - and so on... ( x boleh cerita, ISA nanti )

Just a little update about my practical course. Till then...
Thank You.

p/s : To all HIMMAT's members, do add HIMMAT page in Facebook