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Monday, June 27, 2011

Forum : Career In Malaysia "Opportunities vs Mentality"

Assalamualaikum and hello to all!!

This entry is purposely to all fresh graduate, and undergrad, especially to all my friends, HIMMAT members, seniors and juniors. On 26 June 2011, i have attended a forum in conjuction with the GLC Open Day 2011 at KL Convention Centre. Topic of the forum is Career In Malaysia " Opportunities vs Mentality".

Moderator :
Tan Sri Datuk Rafiah Salim (Director of NAM Institute of Empowerment of Women)

Panels :
Tengku Datuk Azmil Zahruddin (MD/CEO of Malaysia Airline System (MAS))
Datuk Izzaddin Idris ( MD/CEO of UEM)
Profesor Dr. Halimaton Hamdan ( Lecturer UTM)
En. Amirul Feisal B. Wan Zahir (Executive Director of CCM)
En. Johan Mahmood Merican ( CEO of TalentCorp Malaysia)

Summary of the forum.

All of them have background in accountancy except Prof Halimaton. Is it necessary to have background in accountancy so that we can achive the position as them?

All the panel said it is not necessary as they have their own history why do they involve in accountancy. But they said that, what you need is passion in doing works So, that you can move a step further and be like them.

As an academician, people always think that the career involve is teachers or lecturers? As a academician whether you publish or perish?

Prof Halimaton major in chemistry. Do works that you love to do. As an academician, you also can be a scientist. Doing research and invent new things. Contributing new product to you country.

En Johan said that graduates should have passion and be pragmatic in what you do.

Issue : Money gain

1.  Job hopping. Better payment.
If your salary being raised up just a little bit, and because of that you quit and take another job, it is not good. One of the panel said that we as a workers should be loyal to our company. Besides, one of them said, it is good so that you can learn new things and gain more experience. But, frequently job hopping is not good as well

2. Working in overseas
Student from Malaysia do not want to return back because they work there with higher slary. But one of the panel said that, even their salary is high, but their cost of living also high, and at last, they will return to Malaysia. Same goes to workers in Malaysia, they tend to feel that their salary is not enough because the cost of living increase day by day. " Dollar pay by dollar, Ringgit pay by ringgit" - Datuk Izzaddin

Issue : 20% of student enter Science stream

Country needs more scientist, but unfortunately, the latest updates, just 20% students enter the Science stream. The government targetted for 60% student entered. Prof said that in producing new scientist, school system need to be reviewed. Governement should provide enough facility for student to experiece a practical session more so that it can attract student to enter Science stream.

Student with mathematical background were also be accepted to study ways of optimizing - Tengku Datuk Azmil

In Q & A session.

1. Question is about the English language in the silibus. Is it good, or the other way round?

Back in old days, all the Science subject being teached in Bahasa Melayu. But when they further their studies to overseas, all become in English. But it is not a problem to change the terms. But for them, the important things is English language. Students nowadays should be good in English as well as communication skills.

Student also need to be good in interpersonal skills as well as good communicating skills in English - En Johan

This is a simple summary of the forum. To whom who wants mor explanation do contact me, or see me, so that i can explained more.

p/s To all mathematics student, you should be proud because our course being mentioned quite a number of times

p/s for career tips, will be updated soon.

p/s sorry for the broken english as well. HAHAHA

tq. Assalamualaikum.


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